What’s happening around a time machine


A cyclic intriguing machine in which the water drop, does not make the vase overflow, but very much like it.

This is a craft made water clock… But it does not give the time. But makes many much more interesting things, especially every 20 minutes… When it’s working.

– But when it’s working, what is happening ? Is it drawing ?

– Yes, it’s drawing all the time. Happily, someone is there to check that it is working. He isCLEPSYDRE_cietantot-3 also using this time to tell that this time machine is offering us a suspensive comtemplative moment to a water drop which will not make the vase overflow. A time escape which is talking about imperfection’s beauty, humanity and natural cycle. Does it look blur? Then ask the person who is waiting for the water drop.




LENGHT : 20′ average per cycle during necessing time.

CAST : 1 conference man, 1 cameraman




Conference « between images »

Show in stop motion for a conference

A double­meaning conference or the (gigognes) realities.

A man is telling about Tantôt project and its particularities. This project is feeding itself with time, territory and image. These specificities are making this project a very peticular one. This is what the man is trying to tell, but it seams that his physical attitude, slightly strange, is disturbing everyone. He is actually trying to prove with his body a completely different theory : the (gigognes) reality ones.




CAST: 1 conference man, 1 cameraman





Workshop en stopmotion in public space.

A time for research where everyone can experiment with common language like stopmotion.

We are offering the object of research around stopmotion animation in public space.

The (contraintes d’interventions) will change according to the places. But the basis is to use advertising posters as material to create a puppet character. The transformation of this material can be purely based on volume or linked to the advert meaning.

Each person is using this material to make it evolve in public space using the stop motion technique.

The stop motion technique will open narrative possibilities.



LENGHT : according to possibilities. Minimum is half a day.

CAST : 1 artist, 1 video technician




Missioned to draw an fantasy border, Tantôt is going to the French North border with Belgium.

His vague and out of time travel will bring him to discover that unhabitants do not live with borders.

The film « Tantôt on the border » has been made in 32 days of performance accross the North department at the 2013 spring, for the 300 years anniversary of the French­Belgian border. The filming team has been followed for the occasion by the writer Thomas Suel who wrote a journal on the project. This journal is still readable if you follow this link.

The cine­concert is recalling Tantôt’s adventures and his long journey, with music from Peter Orins (drums and effects) and some words from Thomas Suel (slam).


CAST: Thomas Suel et Peter Orin








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