Tantôt and its forms

Tantôt is the title of the project but also the name of the human­sized staged puppet. You can find it in three different ways which can complete each other.

The initial principle of the project is consisting in filming the puppet Tantôt with the stop­motion technique (image per image) in a chosen place in order to produce a film. To obtain one minute of video, seven hours of filming are necessary. Each day can be concluded with the projection of the one minute film done during the day, in situ. Each performance is unique as the scenarion is written according to the place, during a location realised beforehand.

You can also enter its intimacy, visiting the Home Sweet Home. It is the transitory house of Tantôt. This is a flexible environment which shows us its favorite objects and memories. This transitory house is generally installed after a Tantôt’s performance, in a room offered by the town in which he has been invited, being a part of this performance. The house can complete an exhibition around Tantôt’s project in which we can find time machines, like old cinema machines (for example to break up movements) adapted to Tantôt’s fictions, art installations (like video-
suitcases), etc…

The house can also be the departure for the multi­diffusion course, third part of the Tantôt project. For the films’ projection realised in situ, it is possible to organise a walk to see the places where the films have been made, with little video­projections. Each minute of film is running in loop on a screen (with sound) – one screen for each minute, and you have to make your way in the course to discover the following film, in a chronological way. This walk is also segmented by art installations (like video­suitcases), an exhibition of time machines (like the clepsydre, for example), some food (!) but also an open air cinema, where you can watch old Tantôt movies. You will be invited there to live time disturbances amongst a Tantôt world full of surprises.

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