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Tantôt in Montoulieu-­Saint ­Bernard

Warmly welcomed in Montoulieu­Saint­Bernard by Pronomades, Tantôt is taking a few holidays. Plans : cows, straw bales, and clothes line show. At the end of it, he went away during an installation in multidiffusion on July 14, for which all the inhabitants of around and further away were invited.

Tantôt accross borders

When Tantôt from the morning is meeting Tantôt from the afternoon. This is an adventure made in collaboration with La Maison Folie Hospice D’Havré from Tourcoing.


Tantôt at the Etruscans

Tantôt is slightly Etruscan. Tantôt is visiting the exhibition on the Etruscans at the Louvre­Lens. He feels like at home, like « déjà vu ». Where does it come from ? How old is he ?


Tantôt the machinist

Tantôt is inaugurating in its way the tram Line 2 which will connect Valenciennes to Vieux Condé. This adventure gave an installation/show with multi­projection on December 14 2013.

This is a journey from the Company Tantôt, on the rails thanks to le Boulon, Centre des Arts de la Rue of Vieux­Condé, with the Phénix, Scène Nationale of Valenciennes.


Tantôt El Ecuador

Video of Tantôt’s journey to Ecuator in June 2013 with the French Alliances of Cuenca and the Tourism Office of Quito.


 The cine­news of Tantôt at the Dunkerque LAAC

Cine­news are making­of films, directed by Arnaud Boulogne, in Super 8. They are silent movies.


Tantôt on the border

A very grand adventure from Tantôt accross the Nord Department, for the 300 years of the Franco-Belgian border. The shooting lasted 32 days and Tantôt when through 28 towns and villages from the Nord and in Belgium.


France 3 documentary on Tantôt on the border

The reportage from France 3 (National Television) which followed Tantôt during his journey through the North of France.


VHS presentation

A small video introducing VHS, the last project of the Company Tantôt, with Eric Bezy and Arnaud Boulogne.

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