Tantôt Performance

Tantôt or the time to take your time

Performance in stop motion in a public space (participative or not) followed by a projection with sound or cine­sound­effected.

 « You do not know where he is going, you do not know where he is coming from, you do not know what he wants, but this is what is interesting ».

Tantôt is an human­sized puppet who live slowlier than humans. You almost cannot see him moving. His day to day life is made of escapes in public spaces.

Accompanied by a team of film­makers everywhere he goes, he is everyday the main character of animated films.

With a temporality closest to vegetal than human, Tantôt is seeing details that we miss. He then evolves a whole day to its own rythm, taking the time to observe and meeting people. This is the look of a contemplative activist on our cities which forces us to take some time, to take our time.

Each night for Tantôt’s minute projection, there are two ways to give some sound to the film. First, a sound creator follows the filming team and harvests sounds in a documentary way, which is added to fictionnal sound effects. Or, each night, for Tantôt’s minute projection, a sound maker is creating live a sound environment. With accumulation of sound lays, with objects taken from the day to day life, and from the audience, the sound maker will give a new dimension to image, with our ears big opened.

During the showing, you will be able to discover new Tantôt adventures.


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