Walk in multi-diffusion

Tantôt’s walk

Performance in stop motion in public space (participative or not) followed by screening in multi-diffusion, with the installtion « Home Sweet Home ».

Certainly the most beautiful of all programmes to make Tantôt’s adventures more grand and allow a big number of people to live a beautiful poetic experience. We propose restitutions in multi-screening to discover the local adventures of Tantôt.

Tantôt lives to his own rythm. His films live at the rythm of images and their lenght. Not easy to follow. Then we offer a way to watch for everyone ways of watching, and enjoy the images watching and watching again, the one minute of film per screen. You can then go from one film to another and go from one adventure to another extraordinary one. This is also the occasion to speak during the show, and share impressions and memories lived with Tantôt or not.

After several days of performance, we install a multi­diffusion route where Tantôt’s adventures are separated on different screens with sound. The starting point is Tantôt’s « Home Sweet Home », his house, his past adventures, and the different time and cinema machines.

A beautiful evening to come, which can be concluded with a dance­floor.


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